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Fisheries education and publications

If you are interested in pursuing education and training in the fisheries and seafood industry, or you are interested in providing education, Alaska has a wide variety of curriculum and programs available.

Many fisheries programs are designed to integrate the tools and skills learned in various course studies such as math, science, social studies, and language arts to provide students with practical knowledge so they can improve their environment, local economy, and themselves. The following are fish related curricula that have been used in elementary and secondary school systems from Alaska’s Bristol Bay to Canada, and the Pacific Northwest:

   ► Explore Fisheries Careers and Training Resources in Alaska

Explore maritime career pathways in high demand, scholarships and funding sources, and training providers on the Alaska Safety Alliance - Maritime Careers site."

There are a range of specializations within the study of fish and fisheries management with the goal of protecting or increasing the health of fish populations. Jobs include fish culturist, fishery technician, hatchery manager, fishery biologist, biometrician and economist. Developed by the Alaska Safety Alliance .

   ► Fisheries Related Educational Curriculum (Grades K-12)

The following are fisheries and seafood industry related courses and training available in Alaska. This listing is not all inclusive as short-term classes and trainings may also be offered from time to time.

   ► Post-Secondary Fisheries Education & Training Resources

For Alaska residents who are interested in pursuing full-time enrollment in a vocational certificate or undergraduate or graduate degree program in a fisheries-related field of study, the following loan program may be of interest:

   ► A.W. “Winn” Brindle Memorial Educational Loan

The following list contains books and publications that were created to serve as educational and informative resources on aquatic resources and fisheries education:

   ► Fisheries Related Publications and Materials

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